Fleet Operational Performance Analytics (FOPA), a Diagnostic Business intelligence Solution for the Marine industry, a new way for shipping companies to gather ship management business data, analyse and generate business insight, that are necessary for making smarter, quicker and better decisions for profitable, efficient & safe business operations.

Big Data Analytics for Ship Owner & Ship Management.

Provide best effective decision in glance look.

Diagnostic Business Intelligence Solution

FOPA is a pre-build BI Solution for the ship management business operations.

Industry Specific Data Model design – can be implemented and customized for any type and size of the fleet.

Designed to pull data from any source system which includes

  • Various Fleet Management Solutions,
  • Financial & Accounting systems
  • Excel sheets
  • Text
  • APIs



Predefined data model design

FOPA is multi browser compatible

Rich GUI for better visualization of analysed data.

Fleet wide & Module wise Data Analytics.

Easily customizable.

Can read data from any source system, formats including excel and text

WWWW approach (What, Where, When & Why) allows drill through and drill down

User self-service analysis helps users to drag & drop to create their own analytics.

Always shows last 3 years trend/data comparison at any given point.

FOPA has features to create, monitor and maintain & improve your organizational KPIs.

Interactive Dashboards can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices

Benchmarking KPIs becomes easy with FOPA