Zebec Loadmaster is designed as Type 3 damage stability software as per IMO guidelines and approved by Class NK. The software is capable of handling all types of vessels which includes;

• Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Gas Carriers
• Container Vessels, General Cargo Vessels
• Ro-Ro Vessel(PCTC), Bulk Carriers
• Anchor handling Tug, Platform Supply Vessel
• Drill Ships, etc.

Zebec Loadmaster is a Microsoft Windows based software designed to perform as a Ship Loadicator to assess intact and damage stability of the vessel including longitudinal strength.

Hardware and Additional Software Requirements
• Intel Core i3 Processor
• 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk
• Monitor, Key Board, Mouse
• Licensed versions of Windows 7 or above
• Adobe Reader

“New requirements for onboard stability instruments applicable to all tankers are effective from 1st January 2016. MARPOL Annex I Ch.4, the IBC/BCH Code and the IGC/GC Code have all been amended, requiring tankers to be fitted with stability instrument capable of handling both intact and damage stability”

Modules and Features

Preparation of Loading Conditions

  • Create & store new conditions.
  • Retrieve and edit stored conditions.
  • Data input, tank filling by weight, volume, and percentage, Deck Cargo’s weight and CG.

Computation of Draft & Intact Stability

  • Draft, trim, heel computations.
  • Displacement & dead weight calculations.
  • Exceeding load line draft warnings.
  • GM & GM0 calculation.
  • FSM & KG correction.
  • Moulded & extreme drafts.
  • User-defined constraints of draft, trim checks.
  • Special constraints such as minimum ballast draft, propeller immersion.
  • IMO intact stability.
  • IMO wind heeling moment calculations.
  • IMO rolling period calculations.
  • Ship specific criterion as per approved booklet

Computation of Shear Force & Bending Moment.

  • SF and BM computations at each frame.
  • Graphical representation of SF and BM curve throughout length of vessel.
  • Printable reports containing SF and BM values against permissible values.
  • Exceeding maximum allowable limits warnings.

Computation of Damage Stability

  • Equilibrium Computation for damage case
  • Displacement & dead weight calculations.
  • Ship specific criterion as per approved booklet.
  • Damage Stability Criterion as per applicable regulation.

Warnings, Checks & Error Prevention

Warnings will be given for exceeding the following:

  • Load line draft and excessive trim.
    Maximum permissible
  • VCG exceeded.
    Stability criteria violation.
  • Propeller immersion
  • Longitudinal strength criterion exceeded

Generation of Reports

  • Loading plan and loading condition.
  • Intact Stability criteria.
  • Damage Stability criteria
    Equilibrium hydrostatics values.
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment.
  • Reports can be sorted, retrieved and printed.