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International Scope Marine ERP Software for handles shipping operations flawlessly from planned maintenance, inventory, dry-dock, and purchase.

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Dry Docking (e-Drydock) Module

SEE comes with an exclusive dry dock package that caters for systematically tracking and managing your drydock needs. It provides a ready-made list of dry dock jobs and allows you to plan drydock activities for your vessels each year.

Manage Your Docking Project with S.E.E Dry Docking Module

Planning Drydock Jobs

This feature provides tools for planning dry dock jobs that need to be carried out. An actual dry dock job for a vessel can be scheduled during a particular financial year. It is able to specify standard jobs and other jobs, along with job specifications and requirements of particular parts/stored/oils. And, if these are needed, it can be marked whether the yard or the owner would supply these.

Generating Request For Quotes (RFQ) for Dry Dock jobs

This feature allows sending RFQ to multiple selected yards via email. Once quotations are received from different yards and the details found on the quotation are filled in, the program automatically compares and selects the best among them. Finally, the Dry Dock Work Order would be generated.

"Ship Expert Enterprise Dry Dock Module provides tools for planning dry dock jobs that need to be carried out on the scheduled fiscal year."

Dry Docking Module Functional

Wide Range of Dry Dock Job Selection

Selection of Dry Dock jobs for the vessel from a pre-populated database containing a wide range of dry dock jobs.

Drill Down to Multiple Tasks

Provision to drill down the dry dock jobs to multiple tasks and requirements.

Generate Automate Request for Quote

Provision to generate an automated ‘Request for Quote’ with detailed specification of dry dock jobs

Process Detail of Prospective Yards

Provision to electronically process the dry dock details with prospective yards

Competitive Selection of Yards

Competitive selection of yards based on customer fed parameters like the number of days in the berth, costing, etc.

Dry Dock Cost Analysis

Provision for Dry dock cost analysis approval

Tracking & Monitoring the Job

Provision for placement of work order on the selected yard and monitoring and tracking of the dry dock jobs.

Placing Supplementary RFQ’s

Provision for placing supplementary RFQ’s in case additional dry dock jobs coming up at later stage after placing a work order

Variance Analysis

Provision for variance analysis when the quantum of work increases or decreases as compared to the actual planned.

Ship Expert Enterprise (S.E.E)

Fleet Operation Management

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“Handles shipping operations flawlessly from planned maintenance, inventory, dry-dock, and purchase.”

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