Fleet Operation


International Scope Marine ERP Software for handles shipping operations flawlessly from planned maintenance, inventory, dry-dock, and purchase.

Fleet Management Modules

Plan Maintenance


It is not just Planned Maintenance System

To Add Oils, Parts, Stores, Clearance, Company Form, Attachment-Once when the maintenance planning is done, you can specify the oils, parts, stores, clearances and company forms that are required to complete the maintenance. 

We provide maintenance planning system for your vessel.

We provides facility to schedules & Conduct maintenance can be set up for components and Calculate Next Due Date. 

Alarm Due Task

Alarm value in days to indicate maintenance due in the course

Resources Plan

Spares/Stores/Tools/Oils that may be required to carry out the job

Conduct Task

Specify clearance associated with the particular component/part if any to be measured with minimum and maximum values

Company Forms

Company forms attached along with the maintenance

Monitor and Analyze

Monitor and analyze by using the effective BI (Business Intelligence) report.

Assign Specific Vessel

Ease populate PMS tasks- the maintenance details of the particular components get transferred to the selected vessel(s).

Parameter Filtering ​

Provide the filtered parameter as “Critical”, “Survey” and so forth. This is used to differentiate the specific maintenance in the total maintenance reports.


Procedures/Checklists to perform the job

Purchase Requisition Integration

And also, the software provides a “Purchase Requisition” feature which is integrated to the purchase order module in case the remaining on board (ROB) quantity may be less than the required quantity.

"Ship's Certificates" Planning & Monitoring

Define, schedule, calculate the next due date, record COC and conduct an interim assessment and renew certificates. 

Ship Certificates are the documents required the onboard ship to confirm the safe operations the ship certificated are of three types namely,

  • General Certificates – Certificates for general operations
  • Statutory Certificates – Certificates for the statutory purpose
  • Class Survey – Class surveys
  • CSM – Continuous Survey Maintenance

“This module complements tremendously for the shipping company to maintain a well-organized and efficient fleet.”

Ship Expert Enterprise (S.E.E)

Fleet Operation Management

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“Handles shipping operations flawlessly from planned maintenance, inventory, dry-dock, and purchase.”

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