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Did you know you need to have a "Loadicator" installed by 2021?

Requirement for each Oil tanker/Gas Tanker/Chemical Tanker should be fitted with an approved stability instrument capable of handling both intact and damage stability cases. Apply to both new and existing tankers at the first renewal survey on or after 1st January 2016 but no later than 1st January 2021. 

It's a good news for all Tankers Owners/Operators.

“Zebec Loadmaster by Ship Expert Technology” is a perfect solution to comply with these regulations.

Zebec Loadmaster

by Ship Expert Technology

A Standard application with accurately perform intact and damage stability calculations for all user defined loading conditions.
All damage cases are predefined and can perform all necessary calculations by pressing one single button.


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The Ship Stability Software made for Ship's Master.

Zebec LoadMaster is the software made from maritime people who are specific in naval architecture for maritime people who run daily protection of the ship’s safety.

Maritime Standard Software for Affordable Price!

Class NK Approval

Designed as TYPE 3 damage stability software as per IMO guidelines and approved by Class NK.

Handling all types of vessels which includes;

• Oil Tanker, Chemical Tanker, Gas Carriers
• Container Vessels, General Cargo Vessels
• Ro-Ro Vessel (PCTC), Bulk Carriers
• Anchor handling Tug, Platform Supply Vessel
• Drill Ships, etc.

Microsoft Windows Compatible

Microsoft Windows based software designed to perform as a Ship Loadicator to assess intact and damage stability of the vessel including longitudinal strength.


Easy to Install with minimum resources.

Hardware and Additional Software Requirements
• Intel Core i3 Processor
• 4GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk
• Monitor, Key Board, Mouse
• Licensed versions of Windows 7 or above
• Adobe Reader

Modules and Features

Get your fleet ready for new requirement to safe your crews and your vessel
with the best support from us.

“New requirements for onboard stability instruments applicable to all tankers are effective from 1st January 2016. MARPOL Annex I Ch.4, the IBC/BCH Code and the IGC/GC Code have all been amended, requiring tankers to be fitted with stability instrument capable of handling both intact and damage stability”

Modules and Features

Preparation of Loading Conditions

Create & store new conditions, Retrieve and edit stored conditions, Data input, tank filling by weight, volume, and percentage, Deck Cargo’s weight and CG.

Modules and Features

Draft & Intact Stability

Ship specific criterion as per approved booklet.

  • Draft, trim, heel computations.
  • Displacement & dead weight calculations.
  • Exceeding load line draft warnings.
  • GM & GM0 calculation.
  • FSM & KG correction.
  • Moulded & extreme drafts.
  • User-defined constraints of draft.
  • trim checks.
  • Special constraints such as minimum ballast draft.
  • propeller immersion.
  • IMO intact stability.
  • IMO wind heeling moment calculations.
  • IMO rolling period calculations.

Modules and Features

Shear Force & Bending Moment.

  • SF and BM computations at each frame.
  • Graphical representation of SF and BM curve throughout length of vessel.
  • Printable reports containing SF and BM values against permissible values.
  • Exceeding maximum allowable limits warnings.

Modules and Features

Damage Stability

Damage Stability Criterion as per applicable regulation.

  • Equilibrium Computation for damage case
  • Displacement & dead weight calculations.
  • Ship specific criterion as per approved booklet.

Modules and Features

Warnings, Checks
& Error Prevention

Warnings will be given for exceeding the following:

  • Load line draft and excessive trim.
    Maximum permissible
  • VCG exceeded.
    Stability criteria violation.
  • Propeller immersion
  • Longitudinal strength criterion exceeded

Modules and Features

Reports Generation

Export Report in PDF Format. Reports can be sorted, retrieved and printed.

  • Loading plan and loading condition,
  • Intact Stability criteria,
  • Damage Stability criteria,
  • Equilibrium hydrostatics values,
  • Shear Force and Bending Moment,

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