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ERP Solution for Ship Management

Ship Expert Enterprise (S.E.E)

You can “Organized all at Sea”

powerful integrated maritime ERP System all aspects of the daily work needed to manage efficiently a fleet of vessels.

Web-based Application

Ship Management

Everywhere in every device.

System processed on a cloud computing system that works through the internet (Web-based Application) that helps your team can working everywhere in every device. 

Cover All Area of Shipping Business

Manage all shipping needs

in 1 Place

Your Management team can follow-up on the performance and statistics of the whole fleet in an integrated manner.

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Fleet Operation Management

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ISM and Standard Documentation

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Crew Manager

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Fleet Operation Performance Analytics (FOPA)

Fleet Operation

Ship Expert Enterprise (S.E.E) handles large, shipping machinery operations flawlessly, but the ERP Suites does not stop here.

Ship Expert Enterprise (S.E.E) is one of the few Marine ERP Systems on a global basis that covers every business need from planned maintenance, inventory, dry-dock, and purchase.

This ERP issued by large, well-known customers with an international scope

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Standard Documentation

Awareness of Safety Management and implementation of Safety Management techniques have become a global concern over the past few decades. Moreover, it has become mandatory for all the shipping companies to come under the ISO/ISM net to run their businesses. 

We at the Ship Expert have also perceived the importance of strict adherence to the safety methodologies subscribed by the international organization.

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Safety Management


Document Management

Risk Management

Standard Form (eForm)

Crew Manager

Ship Expert provides an easy of an effective way of taking care of the shipping fraternity’s requirement of HR Management by means of its ‘Crew Manager’ Module.

The module provides you with the facility of maintaining all the detail of your personnel right from the day they are recruited until they are relieved and of all their details in between. It also provides you with the facility of maintaining the details of your sailing staff from that of the office staff.

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Fleet Operation Performance Analytics

FOPA gather ship management business data, analyse and generate business insight, that are necessary for making smarter, quicker and better decisions for profitable, efficient & safe business operations.

Prebuild BI Solution

FOPA is a prebuild BI Solution for the ship management business operations.,

Industry-Specific Data Model Design

Implemented and customized for any type and size of the fleet.

Pull Data From Any Source System

Included various Fleet Management Solutions, Financial & Accounting systems, Excel sheets, text, APIs,

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Our software certified by the CLASS NK maintenance system, a certification organization that has been accredited by the Association for Ship classification (IACS) and is a system registered with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)

Seamless Connectivity with Ship Expert VSAT

We offer a cost-effective synchronization ship management module for data communication between office and ship that is independent of the satellite communication which transmits data over any flavor of VSAT System.

These are your fleet management benefits.

Comprehensive Suite

Ship Expert Enterprise (SEE) is a web-based, comprehensive suite with rich GUI to facilitate ease of navigation, seamless integration of the business processes.

Simple Solutions

Manage your entire fleet operations using simple-to-use functions: Alert Board, Processes, Setting and Reports – all in one page.

User-Friendly Icons For Processes

Complete fleet operations managed across the various plug-in modules such as Planned Maintenance, Inventory, Purchase, Repair, Fleet Personnel, Voyage Performance, Safety and Security, Drydock, Risk Management, Document Management, Standard Forms, Budget and Account and Administration.

Smarter Decision Support System

Intelligently captures raw data across business functions to disseminate structured information in the form of analytical and graphical reports across the hierarchy levels, functions, and varied modules.

Competitive Advantage

Comprehensively monitors organizational PIs, KPIs & BIs to achieve business excellence in the global maritime regime.

Increased Revenue

Boosts the organizational profits by keeping a smart check on your OPEX, CAPEX, tackling a tight budget.

From Alerts & Tasks To Processes

Smart Alert board clearly lists all notifications/alerts generated across the active workflows with counts and information. A click on the alert notification takes the user directly to the process/transaction window. User-specific Alerts, Notifications, and Dashboards.

MIS Reports

Print or display various comprehensive reports (PDF, Excel) across modules, functions, roles, processes and hierarchical levels.

Integrate And Streamline Business Operations

Seamless data transfer between ship and shore ensures monitoring of complex and diverse fleet operations management in a standardized way to achieve cost control, tangible financial benefits to meet the company’s objectives.

Greater Visibility

Across assets, fleet performances, human resources, various stringent compliances, seamless access to accurate information across the business areas in real-time, most accurate picture of future trends.

Smart Integration With Third-Party Applications

Sage, ShipNet, Coda, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle EProc & more.

Easier Administration

By defining role wise, user wise and need wise access

Here is our Customer feedback

“Gulf Marine Services has been utilizing Ship Expert Enterprise Fleet Management Software for the purposes of Asset Integrity Management of our Fleet of Self Propelled Self-Elevating Support Vessels. We have been using the software over the past decade, with continual evolution of the solutions keeping in pace with the technological advancement & our business operations requirements.

We are happy to recommend Ship Expert Enterprise Fleet Management Software considering the value for money solution and prompt & consistent support”

Mark Harvey

Technical Asset Integrity Manager

Our Customer

Ship Expert Enterprise (S.E.E)

Organized all at Sea

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Inventory Management

Planned Maintenance System

Purchase Order Management

Financial Accounting

Dry Docking Module

Voyage Performance

Repair Management


Standard Form (eForm)

Document Management

Safety Management System


Risk Management


Crew Manager


Fleet Operation Performance Analytics (FOPA)



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